Collagen Cleansing Milk- This is the first step to your skin care routine. It is a natural cleansing milk for all skin types. Extremely gentle formula, cleanses thoroughly and draws out dirt, make-up, impurities and pollutants from your skin. Infused with botanicals and vitamins, leaving your skin clean and hydrated. It can also be used to remove eye make up. It is soap, alcohol, paraben and acid- free.

Put a few drops on a cotton ball or tissue paper and wipe off the make up on your face. You can rinse your face with cool or luke warm water if desired.

Collagen Toner- As part of the cleansing routine, this gentle paraben-free, oil-free toner is enriched with minerals and natural herbal astringents to purify, hydrate and normalize skin. Grape seed and green tea extracts soothe, tone and prepare skin for optimal moisture absorption. It is alcohol -free, acid-free and for all skin types. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and wipe skin in circular motion.

Cleansing DUO

  • Use these products to prevent, reverse and correct the signs of aging, such as dry skin and wrinkles. Certified cruelty-free by PETA, Made in the USA, Alcohol-Free, Acid-Free, Paraben Free, Gluten-Free.