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Adriana Cataño en la Portada de Epiko Magazine

Thanks to her following and love from her fans, more and more magazines and media outlets in general market continue featuring Adriana Cataño on their covers. The actress, entrepreneur and TV hosthas graced over 30 covers in the past two years and each publication has had overwhelming success in sales.

This month, Epiko Magazine, the #1 distributed lifestyle magazine in all of Central Florida, chose to have the green-eyed beauty grace their cover.

Epiko Magazine reached out to Adriana for their May/June 2015 publication due to her exotic beauty and talent. In addition, Epiko Magazine chose her, because of Adriana’s influence and impact on hundreds of lives with her top selling seminars, “How to break into show business and succeed” which have been gaining world-wide recognition. Adriana recently held seminars number eight and nine inMiami, Florida.

Adriana who has more than twenty years of experience in show business, chats with Epiko Magazine about the importance of supplying new talent with the right tools in order to have a successful career in the show biz industry. At her seminars, young students (under the age of 13) are taught basic acting, improvisation and a general overview of the entire casting process. Their parents are taught the special needs kids in show biz have, and the important role that a stable family life plays in their daily routine at school, going to castings on the set, etc. The moms are taught the dangers of the entertainment industry and a step by step guide to follow with their child actors and/or models. Epiko Magazine’s focus has always been on the health and well being of the family, and Adrianawas the perfect celebrity for their summer cover. She was chosen as anextraordinary Latina who stands out in the arts, for her continued success as an entrepreneur, her endless work with teenagers in the community, and for her outstanding role as a mother. Her tenacity and hard work have allowed her to accomplish so much in both the Latino and Anglo community. Her success and impeccable reputation make Adriana a true example and a celebrity to look up to for all of our Latinos in the United States.

“Our publication is extremely proud to feature the exquisite Adriana Cataño on the cover of our May/June 2015 summer issue. It is truly an honor,” said Juan Arturo Morales editor in chief of Epiko Magazine.

“Every single magazine cover and interview about my career is such a display of affection from the editors and from the fans, it is overwhelming for me. I am so humbled and thankful to Epiko Magazine for their interest in my career and for the privilege of being on the cover of their elegant publication,” said Adriana.

In addition, the prestigious and chic publication, Venue Magazine owned by Alexia Echevarria invited Adriana Cataño to pose for their May/June 2015 issue dedicated to celebrity moms and dads who are great examples. In this article, Venue features Adriana’s career and many talents.

The Colombian American beauty was thrilled to pose for this article inVenue Magazine at a moment where her career has truly been established and successful. Adriana truly opens her heart to Venue and speaks about motherhood, her career and life.

“I’m so thankful to the magazine and their staff for featuring me in such a positive and beautiful article. Venue is such a classy and elegant publication, it is truly an honor. Thank you Alexia, I truly value this gesture,” said Cataño.






MEDIA CONTACT FOR ADRIANA CATANO: Marlene Maseda (305) 890-4188

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